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Wide Load Signs


Our Wide Load Rigid Signs are manufactured on Wooden,
Aluminum & Decal materials

BP600 Wooden Dimensional Load Sign
BP600-A Aluminum Dimensional Load Sign
BP620 Decal Dimensional Load Sign
BP650 – Wooden Reflective Dimensional Load Sign
BP650-A -Aluminum Reflective Dimensional Load Sign
BP 610 – Decal Reflective Dimensional Load Sign
BP602 – Wooden Wide Load Sign
BP602-A – Aluminum Wide Load Sign
BP622 – Decal Wide Load Sign
BP625 – Wooden Oversize Load Sign
BP625-A – Aluminum Oversize Load Sign
BP623 – Decal Oversize Load Sign
BP 630 – 24″ x 24″ Aluminum Reflective Delineator Sign

Wooden and Aluminum Signs can be made
double sided

Wooden Signs: Manufactured from 1/2″ Medium Density Overlay board coated with a protective sealant for increased longevity, premium grade high quality vinyl finish.

Aluminum Signs: Durable, weather resistant, rust proof aluminum, with premium grade high quality vinyl finish.

Decal Signs: Self-adhesive vinyl. Adheres to any dry, clean surface.


Banners are 18 oz reinforced vinyl laminate,
-30C cold crack. All banners include grommets
placed at 6′ and 8′ point

BP660 – 12″ x 96″ Vinyl Dimensional Load Sign
Heavy Duty
Dimensional Load Sign
BP661 – 12″ x 96″ Ultra Reflective Vinyl Dimensional Load Sign
BP670-1 – 12″ x 96″ Vinyl Wide Load/Oversize Load Sign
BP672 – 12″ x 96″ Vinyl Wide Load/Long Load Sign
BP675 – 18″ x 84″ Vinyl Wide Load/Oversize Load Sign

Please note that ALL our Wide Load Signs meet or exceed regulations for
Canada and USA. They are also manufactured at our location and we have
them in stock ready to ship at any time