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Industrial Safety Signs

All Industrial Safety Signs are available in reflective or non-reflective on:
– High quality self-adhesive vinyl decal
– Durable rust-proof aluminum
– Premium grade styrene
– Magnetic

DANGER signs are used to indicate an imminently hazardous situation, which if not avoided could result in serious injury or death.

D1000  – (blank)
D1103  – Hearing Protection Required
D1106  – Eye Protection Required
D1108  – Arc Watch
D1111  – Do Not Operate Without Guards In Place
D1122  – Do Not Enter
D1124  – High Voltage
D1127  – Overhead Power Lines
D1129  – No Trespassing
D1132  – H2S Poisonous Gas
D1135  – Pop Valve
D1137  – H2S Area
D1139  – Caustic Soda
D1141  – Flammable Material
D1143  – No Smoking
D1146  – No Smoking, No Flames or Sparks
D1149  – No Smoking, Matches, Open Lights
D1155  – This Equipment Starts Automatically
D1158  – Equipment Starts & Stops Automatically
D1172  – High Pressure Gas
D1174  – High Pressure Lines
D1176  – HOT
D1178  – Hazardous Materials
D1181  – Authorized Personnel Only
D1183  – Confined Space
D1186  – Confined Space Authorized Personnel Only
D1188  – Confined Space Entry Can Be Fatal
D1195  – Construction Area
D1199  – Open Excavation
D1230  – Men Working Above
D1235  – Watch For Lift Trucks
D1385  – Due To
D1504  – Hearing Protection Required Beyond This Point
D1102  – Hard Hat Area 
D1105  – Hearing Protection Required __db
D1107  – Face Shield Required
D1110  – Corrosive
D1120  – Do Not Enter Authorized Personnel Only
D1123  – High Voltage (with symbol)
D1125  – High Voltage Above
D1128  – Keep Out
D1131  – Restricted Area
D1134  – Sour Gas
D1136  – Boiler Blow Down Line
D1138  – Combustible Liquids
D1140  – Caustic
D1142  – Flammable
D1144  – No Smoking, Matches or Open Flame
D1147  – No Smoking or Flammable Materials
D1154  – Pinch Point (with symbol)
D1156  – Equipment Starts Automatically (with symbol)
D1170  – Explosive
D1173  – High Pressure Line
D1175  – Pressure Relief Valve
D1177  – Compressed Gas
D1179  – Hazardous Area
D1182  – Unauthorized Personnel Keep Out
D1185  – Confined Space, Enter By Permit Only
D1187  – Confined Space Do Not Enter Without Permit
D1190  – Keep This Area Clear
D1198  – Open Pit
D1201  – Lock Out Equipment Prior To Starting Maintenance
D1231  – Men Working Below
D1383  – Buried Cable
D1503  – Decibel Levels In This Building Are At __db

Keep everyone aware of potential hazards in a workplace by using a WARNING sign. Helpful wherever an extra reminder could prevent serious injury.

W3000  – (blank)
W3112  – Construction Area
W3127  – Authorized Personnel Only
W3129  – No Trespassing
W3171  – Flammable
W3111  – Do Not Enter
W3126  – Keep Hands Clear
W3128  – Keep Out
W3153  – This Machine Starts Automatically
W3183  – Buried Cable

To ensure a safe work environment, the CAUTION sign acts as a reminder of a potential hazard that may result in minor to moderate injury.

C2000  – (blank)
C2131  – Personal Protective Equipment Required In This Area
C2160  – This Equipment Start Automatically
C2163  – Buried Cable
C2173  – Watch Your Step (with symbol)
C2181  – Authorized Personnel Only
C2302  – Face Shield Required (with symbol)
C2304  – Hearing Protection Required (with symbol)
C2306  – Apron Required (with symbol)
C2308  – Eye Protection Required (with symbol)
C2315  – Bio Hazard (with symbol)
C2320  – Do Not Operate Without Guards In Place
C2340  – Watch For Lift Trucks (with symbol)
C2130  – Personal Protective Equipment Required
C2132  – Personal Protective Equipment Required Beyond This Point
C2162  – Attach Ground Cable
C2322  – Pinch Point (with symbol)
C2175  – Slippery When Wet
C2301  – Safety Gloves Required (with symbol)
C2303  – Dust Mask Required (with symbol)
C2305  – Foot Protection Required (with symbol)
C2307  – Hard Hat Required (with symbol)
C2309  – Eye Protection Required
C2317  – Chemical Storage Area
C2325  – Hot

NOTICE signs are used to make employees and visitors aware of general policies. NOTICE signs should never be used in place of a DANGER, CAUTION or WARNING sign.

N4000  – (blank)
N4120  – Salespeople By Appointment Only
N4131  – Ear Protection Required (with symbol)
N4134  – Personal Protective Equipment Inside
N4138  – Eye Protection Required (with symbol)
N4201  – All Visitors Must Report To Office
N4220  – Truckers Attach Ground Cables Before Loading Or Unloading
N4302  – Keep This Door Closed
N4416  – No Trespassing
N4418  – Employees Only
N4112  – Authorized Personnel Only
N4130  – Personal Protective Equipment Required In This Area
N4132  – Hard Hat Must Be Worn In This Area
N4137  – Foot Protection Required (with symbol)
N4140  – Hard Hat Required (with symbol)
N4210  – No Trucks Over One Ton
N4301  – Keep This Area Clean
N4303  – Keep This Area Clear
N4417  – Keep Out
N4419  – This Area Is Monitored By Surveillance Cameras

We all know the importance of safety in the workplace.
SAFETY FIRST signs are perfect for reminding everyone of proper safety procedures, as well as the location of safety equipment.

S5000  – (blank)
S5103  – First Aid Station (with symbol)
S5112  – Eye Wash Fountain (with symbol)
S5107  – Eye Wash Station (with symbol)
S5110  – Emergency Shower Station (with symbol)
S5102  – Report All Accidents Or Injuries At Once
S5104  – First Aid (with symbol)
S5105  – First Aid Kit (with symbol)
S5108  – Emergency Shower & Eye Wash (with symbol)
S5115  – Stretcher Here (with symbol)